Our Process

The Integrated uses its Wealth+ process for Individuals and for Businesses to make sure that your financial resources can be used to their absolute maximum.


The return you are generating isn’t the most important thing—it’s in the using your entire financial position to avoid the erosion of wealth, maximize your earnings in relation to your tax liability, and building a strategy that utilizes your assets as resources towards those ends.


While it always depends on your individual circumstances, we see the tax regime as our partner in helping you realize your goals.  Wealth+ is about taking simple outcomes and solving the complex problems that prevent you from achieving them.  Here’s how Wealth+ for Individuals works:


  • We collect basic information on your financial picture
  • We listen to your individual goals
  • We review your overall financial picture, including simple items like marital status and income needs, along with more complicated items like your tax picture and your current allocations, to maximize your tax-free options, then your tax-deferred options, and settle out for the minimum taxable options
  • We build a strategy that maximizes your assets and opportunities for optimal results.


Wealth+ for Businesses operates on similar principles:


  • We collect basic information on your financial picture
  • We listen to your business strategy and individual goals
  • We identify money that could be better allocated—money that is eroding your wealth through unnecessary taxes, expensive benefits, and unnecessary expenses.
  • We review your tax landscape and your current allocations, along with other things like family involvement in the business and other opportunities we can integrate, and focus on tax credits and tax deductions that are available to you or that can be derived while remaining consistent with your strategy and goals, all to develop strategies that optimize results.
  • We define a financial strategy that uses legal, tax, and financial tools to operationalize that strategy and integrate it into the business to help you achieve your business and individual goals.