Planning for Individuals

Managing Your Finances

The Integrated’s Wealth+ process looks at finances as the starting point for all goal setting—the sooner we can align your means with a pathway towards your goals, the faster you’ll reach them. Along with the protection offered through insurance and the growth potential provided by investment choices, money management strategies help you manage your savings on a daily basis.

From mortgage payments to tax savings, we can help you manage your money as effectively as possible, given your personal situation.

For individuals, we focus on three main areas

College Savings Plans


By now, you have probably already developed a distinct approach to saving. New graduates or young couples have different needs than retirees or mid-career families. But no matter your personal situation, we can help you develop financial habits that will lay a strong foundation for savings.

Younger individuals and couples have a number of benefits in terms of financial management. Low insurance costs and a long investment horizon, combined with few responsibilities, can make for an excellent financial base. We can help you build on these advantages, while at the same time considering a debt load that might include student loans, car payments or perhaps a mortgage.

Couples planning for a first child enter into a new level of commitment—both personally and financially. There are insurance and investment products to help saving for a child, such as a Registered Education Savings Plan.

Mid-career professionals typically have higher incomes than younger investors—but they also carry more responsibilities. From mortgage payments to a child’s education, The Integrated encourages mid-career professionals to consider a financial plan that balances your needs and obligations.

Retirees have worked hard at their careers, and now is the time for relaxation and celebration. Chances are children have moved from home, the mortgage is mostly paid off and a few investments are coming to fruition. However, income levels may have dropped after retirement. We’ll work with you to help manage your finances in a way that allows you to fully enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

In short, no matter your life stage, The Integrated is here at each step to help you learn how to balance savings and investing with your other commitments. Contact us today to start the conversation.

Tax Planning


Taxes aren’t fun, but they are a big part of your financial picture. With the advice of a professional financial advisor and the financial professionals at The Integrated, you can get a lot more clarity on how taxes fit into your profile and how you can alleviate your tax burden. Charitable contributions, life insurance policies, and investment products can all be useful tools in an effective tax strategy. Working together, The Integrated will consider your personal situation and design a customized tax plan that fits your needs.

The Integrated uses a variety of products and services, including:

  • Income-splitting for spouses or common-law couples.
  • Charitable donations, which benefits important not-for-profit work and allows donors to maximize tax credits.
  • Life insurance products that build tax-advantaged capital for retirement.
  • Investment products that provide tax-efficient benefits.

But we also customize our tax planning structures based on the deductions you may be eligible for and on planning to achieve greater deductions in future years. Contact us today to learn more about tax-planning products and services that are tailored for your needs.



Insurance is essential to any comprehensive financial plan. While we always hope to avoid tragedies, death, disability or critical illness can strike at any time. Insurance is what can protect you and your family from undue hardship.

The Integrated offers life, long-term care, disability, and critical illness insurance, along with medical, dental and group health benefits. There is strength in each policy, but we customize combinations of policy to protect you and your loved ones for the situations that carry the most risk.

At the Integrated we use plans such as Nonqualified Deferred Compensation, Executive Bonus, and Split Dollar Life Insurance (life insurance based plans that enable the business to offer current and future benefits to their key executives in exchange for their continued service for a specified period of time) to help build the right plan for what matters to your key executives. That said, every situation is different, and we are eager to find more capital-efficient ways to preserve talent that falls outside of these agreements so that your business and the key employee are aligned around the future of the company.

Contact us today to discuss your insurance options in more detail.